Preparation for Oral Presentation
  1. Bring your own laptop & adaptor/connector (Compulsory)
  2. There will be NO laptop provided so you must bring your own.
  3. Be sure to bring any necessary electrical adaptors and connectors for your laptop. We DO NOT provide any of them.
  4. What we provide in the session room:
  5. A screen, a projector, a microphone.
  6. Please use horizontal slides and make sure all video clips/fonts are supported.
  7. Please prepare a backup copy in the USB drive or CD-ROM for your video clips.

Before Oral Presentation
Please arrive at the session room at least 20 minutes before your session starts to make sure the connection runs well. Our staff will provide assistance at each session room.

Before you travel
  1. We suggest you bring an electronic copy of the poster on a USB drive so that it can be printed locally, in case your poster does not arrive.
  2. Some airlines require the poster tube as a checked luggage rather than a carry-on one. Please check with your airline prior to traveling.

Poster Size
The poster should be sized horizontally 90cm (35.4 inch) max and vertically 190cm (74.8 inch) max.

Prepare Your Poster with Following Sections
  1. Title of the paper, author names and affiliations should be centered at the top of the poster.
  2. You may use a large font (20 point or larger) for the primary text, and an even larger font for headings.
  3. All poster materials must be in printed form. Please hand-carry your poster to the conference.
  4. All presentations must be made in English.

Presentation Time (All dates are subject to change & will be announced prior to the conference.)
Poster presenters are expected to stand in front of their posters during the poster sessions on September 1 and 2 to interact with other interested participants.

Mounting and removal (All times are subject to change & will be announced prior to the conference.)
  1. Presenters are required to set up their posters at by 14:00, September 1.
  2. A working desk and the staff will be in service to assist on poster mounting. Adhesive tape will be provided on site. No paste, glue, or staples are permitted.
Presenters who would like to keep thumbtacks their posters should remove them after the presentation by 11:00, September 3. The organizer shall dispose all posters left after the scheduled removal time.